GAME FLAVOUR Animal Crossing: New Horizons #001 250ml Drink: Isabelle

Item ID 4982
EAN 4270001096562
Age rating 3 and older
Weight approx. 2400 g
Height approx. 155 mm

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Presenting you GAME FLAVOUR in collaboration with the manufacturer AQVAMI and Kujumi. Exclusive drinks from your favorite videogame without artificial sweeteners, preservatives and dyes. We give videogames their own taste packed in beautiful bottles which represent the corresponding game in an authentic way.

For Animal Crossing: New Horizons we offer you this tea drink of Isabelle with taste of orange and vanilla, made from a freshly brewed infusion of elderflower.

Ingredients Infusion of elderflower and orange peel (water, elderflower, orange peel), 7% orange juice from orange juice concentrate, agave syrup, pomegranate juice concentrate, lemon juice concentrate, magnesium bisglycinate, vanilla extract (0.03%), natural aroma.

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